How to remove bee swarm


bees can be a real bother. I am living in country where bees are pretty often in summer times.  Last week we have bees swarm on our courtyard.

So I check what I will need to remove this bee swarm from our courtyard.

First of all I check if you have bee swarm or bee hive.

Difference between bee hive and bee swarm

Bee swarm

  • Bees are still looking for place to stay

Example bee swarm:


Bee hive

  • Bees are already living inside bee hive
  • Bee comb is already seen

Example: bee hive you can see bee comb. Inside bee comb bees are storing honey



So I have bee swarm located on tree. So first of all I need a ladder to get to the bee swarm.

Then I go to our local beekeeping store and I rent a bee suite and special gloves for this mission.

Bee suit:

There is no need to complicate. Go to your local beekeeping store and ask if they can rent you a bee suite for 2 to 5 hour. If you known any beekeeper which is your friend first check there maybe he can help you with bee swarm removal process or just rent you a bee suit.

From our local beekeeping store I have option to rent this two bee suits:

Bee jacket/bee suit – protecting your body

First beekeeper jacket only top of your body will be protected.



Whole bee suit which will protect your whole body:



I have chose whole bee suit it is much saver to cover whole body not just top.

Bee gloves:

After I have chose my bee suit saleswomen in our bee store remind me that I can rent a bee gloves to. I didn’t know what the difference between basic gloves and bee gloves is.

Bee gloves are extra long so they can protect your arm they are made from leather so that bee sting can’t reach your skin.

What to put on your feet:

Don’t forget when you will start with bee swarm removal process. Bees will fly anywhere around. So it is very important that you don’t forget to protect your feet.

For this purpose I find waterproof boots in my garden shed


Smoke for calm bees

When you will start bee hive removal process you must calm down bees. For this purpose I buy smoke sticks in our beekeeping store.




On internet I read that is good to spray bee swarm with water before removing it. In our grocery store I buy water bottle with spray on top.



Now the only thing which I have needed is a box where I have store bee swarm between removing process. In my garage I have find plastic box which our kinds use to store toys. Now I think that I have all bee swarm removal process can start.


I start with bee swarm removal process late in the evening. Because bees are more calm down and group together because it will be dark.

Bee swarm was small located on thee branch


First of all I fire bee smoke to smoke bees. Then I use spray water bottle and spray bees with water so they can’t fly around.

Now everything was set so I place plastic box under bee swarm and shake tree branch that bees have fallen into the plastic box. Now waiting starts bees are flying all around me and I was waiting to see if they were flaying inside plastic box. After 10 min I start notice that bees are flying back to tree branch not inside plastic box. So I shake tree branch again that bees were falling into the plastic box again. After approximately 15min bees start to flying inside plastic box I immediately know that I have bee queen inside plastic box and now I must just wait that all bees will go to plastic box. After 1 hour bees were settled down inside plastic box. I gently take cardboard and slide on top of plastic box. After that I load plastic box inside car and drive for about 5km from our house to beautiful meadow. There I remove carton board from plastic box and I leave plastic box over the night. Next day I go and check if the bees are still there. I realize that bee’s already gone away so the plastic box was complete empty.

Where bee swarm comes

Because I am very curious person I check on internet where bee swarm comes and what bee swarming is.  Bee swarming is a way that bees reproduce them self’s. The bee swarm process start when inside bee hive is not enough space that bees can function normally. So the bee queen with bees get’s outside of bee hive and they start to look for new place to stay. For the beekeeper the bee swarming is very problematic because the bee family lost about half of current bees inside bee hive. Bee family is not so strong anymore and the honey extraction is reduced. So very possible that bee swarm on our courtyard was from our local beekeeper.

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