Bee hive removal cost

Do you have problem with bees? Are you looking for bee removal service?

Today we have play with our children on our backyard. In my ears I have heard strange voice. I went and check what this is. I have discovery full functional bee hive inside our old tree.  Because I don’t want that bees stings my children I instantly go and look for bee hive removal service near our location.

Inside this blog post I‘m writing some of my figures about bee hive removal cost and how you can look for them.

 What the price for bee hive removal service? I have call some of bee companies to check what is the price of bee removal service.  They all said that price depends of multiply factors from size of bee hive and where bee hive is located? 

Average bee hives removal cost start from:

  • 199$ to 999$

They advised me if I can careful check if bees are already formulated inside bee hive or three is just bee swarm.

Difference between bee swarm and bee hive?

Bee swarming is a process when bees are leaving the hive with old queen bee.  About 60% of the worker bees leave the bee hive and start new live. We can say that bee swarm is temporary bee location – bees are still looking for their new bee home. Bee hive is permanent bee hive location.  Bee hive has already have comb where queen bee is laying eggs and worker bees are accumulate honey inside bee comb.

Example of bee swarm (bees still looking for new location)

Example of bee hive. (Bees are permanent located on picture you can see bee comb)

If you see bee swarm bees are still looking for new home! Please don’t get to close. Bees inside swarm can be aggressive to. But you can wait for day or two maybe swarm of bees will find new location and you will be saved because whole swarm of bees will fly away from your backyard.


Do you have bees, hornets or wasp (difference between bees, hornets and wasps?)

You won’t believe how many people mix bees with wasps or hornets.

There are some significant differences between wasps, hornets and bees.

  • Bees die when they sting you.


Bee stings inside human skin.

Back body of bee is ripped off when bee stings you.


Bees have special hooks on their stings so for that reason bees can’t get sting from your skin after they have sting you.


(A honeybee stinger magnified 650x, from Rose-Lynn Fisher’s book, BEE. Image by Rose-Lynn Fisher)

  • Wasp and hornets can sting you multiply times
  • Bees are less aggressive than wasps
  • Hornet sting in more painful than bee and wasp sting
  • Wasp sting is more painful than bee sting


Wasps have longer body and they are thinner. Hornets have larger and bigger body

Wasp nest is like paper nest meanwhile bee nest is from wax perfect geometric shapes of cells.


(Wasp nest)

(Bee nest)

(Hornet nest)


So if you can do it safely. Please check if you have wasp, bees or hornets before calling bee hive removal service.


Additional cost when removing bee hive

On internet I have check how bee hive removal process is done. I discover some of important things:

Be careful some bee hive remove service also offers repairing of damage which was created during bee hive removal process.

Example: if bee hive is located under roof and only available access is from top of roof the bee hive removal specialist will have to cut the roof to get to the bee hive. Check if same specialist will repair this damage after bee hive removal process if finished. If not you will need another service for repairing damaging roof.


Can I remove bee hive by myself and save some money?

I have notice that bee removal service is not so cheap like I thought. So I check if it is possible to remove bee hive by myself and what accessories I need for this mission.

First I want to care about protection from bee stings so I have look for bee jacket. You can buy bee jacket from Amazon for: 70-80$



Next are bee gloves. I have done some research bee gloves are special bee gloves from goatskin leather so that bee can’t sting over them.

You can get cheap bee gloves from Amazon for about: 10$-20$.

In my case I would use old working leather gloves which protect me from bee stings.

So my complete bee suite has been:

Bee jacket:


And leather working gloves:



Bee smoke

On internet I have find that smoke calms down the bees while removing bee hive. So I went to our beekeeping store and check what the price for bee smoke sticks is.


I can get this bee smoke for about: 8$.

Some of my tips before removing bee hive by your own.

First ask yourself if you are allergic to bee venom. If you have any problems in the past with swallowing after bee or wasp stings please don’t remove bee hive by yourself rather call bee hive removal service! Bee sting can lead to death in case of allergic reaction to bee venom.

If you will decide to remove bee hive despite possible consequences always have someone with you. This person may check on you from save distance. In a case of emergency they can call appropriate help.


Beekeeper bee hive removal cost

One option which is very good to check is if there is an option that local beekeeper will remove bee hive instant of you. Across the word currently there is a lack of bee colonies. Some beekeepers are looking to get bee family for free. Check this option with your local beekeeper maybe he will resolve your problem. But check your local regulative first. In some countries only licensed bee removal companies can remove bee hive from your location.


Killer bees vs. honey bees

You probably already hear about killer bees. This is the kind of bee that was created with crossing two species: Western honey bee and African honey bee. This Africanized bee-killer bee escapes from quarantine in 1957. For now killer bees are spreading across America.

Map of spread in America:

Bee carful killer bees are very aggressive. Three times more than normal honey bee. They are also known that they don’t stop chasing the victim. So be careful bees kill more than 100 people each year in U.S.

If you are attacked from killer bees get quickly into house, car, tent or and other enclosure where you can close the door that bees won’t rich you. Don’t jump into the pools because bees will wait you and after you will get out of water they will attack you again.

How to safely remove bee stings

First of all don’t panic. Quickly remove bee stings from your skin with scraping with fingernails.

Be careful don’t squeeze bee sting. If you will squeeze bee sting when removing it will squeeze more venom under your skin and pain will be higher. Speed matters. Longer the bee stings is in your skin more venom will be injected under your skin. If you are swelling and you have difficulty breathing immediately call medical emergency probably you are allergic to bee venom.


How I have removed my bee hive from backyard? I have called local beekeeper who is my friend to remove bee hive from my backyard. Now my kids can safely play outside.

From my friend I have learned that there is no need to exterminate the bee hive. Bees can be transferred to new location where bees will live happily ever after transferring to new location.

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